About me

I have a deep longing to help empower others through knowledge, creating a safe space to feel held and nurtured as we embrace curiosity and its countless lessons. I bring my experiences through teaching yoga and meditation, facilitating breathwork and ritualistic ceremonies, and studies in psychotherapy and ancient wisdom into all that I share to encourage introspection and self healing.


Emotional Agility: 7 Ways to Master Your Emotions

Emotions are an integral part of our human experience, shaping our thoughts, actions, and relationships. From the joy of…

Overcoming Core Beliefs and Embracing Authentic Living

In the complex field of human psychology, the interplay between our past experiences and our current mindset is vast.…

Navigating Motherhood: Female Archetypes and Feminine Energy

Becoming a mother is a profound, transformative journey that transcends the physical realm of childbirth. It’s an odyssey of…

Harnessing the Lunar Cycle: Intention Setting with the New Moon and Letting Go with the Full Moon

New Moon Guided Meditation:   Full Moon Guided Meditation:   In the constant ebb and flow of life, the…

Unveiling the Power of Transition

Life is a continuous series of transitions, a never-ending journey of growth and self-discovery. It’s in these moments of…

Embrace the Darkness to Find Your Light

  As the Winter Solstice cloaks the Northern Hemisphere in its longest night, we’re reminded of the profound lessons…

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