Harnessing the Lunar Cycle: Intention Setting with the New Moon and Letting Go with the Full Moon

Mariel Witmond
Mariel Witmond

10 January, 2024

New Moon Guided Meditation:


Full Moon Guided Meditation:


In the constant ebb and flow of life, the lunar cycle stands as a powerful symbol of renewal and transformation. Many cultures and traditions have long revered the moon’s phases, recognizing their profound influence on our lives. Let’s explore why aligning with the lunar cycle – setting intentions with the new moon and releasing with the full moon – can be a transformative practice, especially when combined with the power of visualization.

The New Moon: A Time for Setting Intentions

The new moon, marking the beginning of the lunar cycle, represents new beginnings and possibilities. It’s the perfect time to set intentions – to plant the seeds of your future dreams and desires.

  • Why Set Intentions During the New Moon? The new moon’s energy is conducive to introspection and clarity. It’s a time to ponder on what we truly want and set clear, focused intentions towards achieving these goals.
  • The Power of Visualization: When setting intentions, visualization serves as a potent tool. By visualizing your goals as already achieved, you harness the power of your subconscious mind, aligning your thoughts and actions with your desires.

The Full Moon: Releasing and Letting Go

Approximately two weeks after the new moon, the full moon shines in its complete glory. This phase symbolizes fruition, closure, and release.

  • Why Release During the Full Moon? The full moon’s intense energy is ideal for releasing what no longer serves us – be it old habits, negative thoughts, or past grudges. This act of letting go creates space for the new.
  • Visualization and Release: Visualizing the process of releasing during the full moon can be cathartic. Imagine shedding the layers of the old, making room for the growth and renewal initiated during the new moon.

Combining Lunar Energy with Visualization

Merging the practice of visualization with the energy of the lunar cycle can create a powerful synergy. This combination not only enhances our connection with the natural rhythms of life but also grounds our aspirations in the physical realm.

  • Motivation and Mindset: Aligning with the lunar phases can foster a mindset conducive to action. The regularity of the lunar cycle provides a natural rhythm to our intention-setting and releasing practices, keeping us motivated and focused.
  • Prompting Purposeful Action: The lunar cycle reminds us that our journey is cyclical, not linear. With each cycle, we learn, grow, and take purposeful steps towards our goals, empowered by the visualization of our intentions blossoming with each new moon and our burdens lightening with each full moon.

Embracing the lunar cycle in our intention-setting and visualization practices invites a harmonious balance in our lives. As we align with these natural cycles, we find ourselves moving more gracefully through life’s changes, equipped with a clearer vision and a heart ready to receive and release in equal measure.

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