Unite Your Body, Mind and Spirit

Transform your practice on and off the mat with unlimited access to hundreds of unique flows, life coaching, breathwork and mindset classes.

Available in an app or on desktop!

An inspired wellbeing membership available in an app and web based platform that goes beyond the surface to help you connect with who you truly are.

Mariel’s unique approach to yoga will keep you coming back for more. Cultivate happiness, connect to your breath and enjoy mindful movement that leaves you feeling energised and inspired.

Your Practice, Your Space

From dynamic movement to rejuvenating flows, no other membership offers a variety of classes and series as Mindful Sonder, all available on-demand.

Enjoy unlimited access to hundreds of videos from the comfort of your own home. Anytime, anywhere.

(It’s then just £18 a month)

What You Get


A variety of yoga styles ranging from vinyasa and mandala to yin and slow flow.

Mixed Movement

Enjoy classes in mobility, Hiit, pilates, primal movement and more.

Life Coaching

Grow and feel empowered with short self development videos.


Calm your mind and be guided through relaxing meditations.


Deepen your practice and learning through collections of classes.


Stay accountable with multiple challenges to keep mind and body strong.

Membership Benefits

Practicing with Mariel feels like being with a dear friend. Through her creative approach to yoga, Mariel’s flows take you on a powerful journey that reminds you just how capable you truly are.

Each flow is 100% unique and partnered with inspiring teachings that allow you to take your practice off the mat and live with purpose.

From HIIT power yoga to rejuvenating yin flows, no other membership offers a variety of classes and series as Mindful Sonder, all available on-demand.

Enjoy unlimited access to 100+ yoga flows from the comfort of your own home. Anytime, anywhere.

New Monthly Flows

Every month I will be adding several new videos to keep the collection exciting and fresh. You will also have full access to the archive of videos available.

WhatsApp Community

Join a wonderful community of like minded individuals, in a safe space to share and connect. Join us and be a part of something special.

Mindful Sonder Is For You If...

You want on-demand access to a large variety of quality classes and want to feel inspired to focus on yourself!

Mindful Sonder Is Also For You If...

  • You want to leave the mat feeling calm, energised, inspired and smiling from ear to ear.
  • You want a 5-star workout that not only moves your body but allows you to connect with your mind and soul.
  • You’re always putting other people’s needs before your own, and need a space to focus on yourself.
  • You’re feeling uninspired by your current practice and want to enjoy new, powerful and exciting classes (at Mindful Sonder, no two flows are ever the same!).
  • You’re feeling overwhelmed by the stresses of daily life and need a positive release.
  • You’re longing for a sense of connection and an uplifting community of like-minded individuals.

(It’s then just £18 a month)

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Attending one of Mariel’s classes feels like a gift to your soul and body every time. From her thoughtful quotes and themes, her dreamy music to her incredibly creative and powerful flows, you go on a journey every class where you always come out grateful you took this time to be on your mat. I love the passion she puts into every class and the community she has created that makes you always feel you belong and you are supported.

— Emma Steele

Flow At Home With World-Class Yoga Instructor Mariel Bateman

With years of experience, Mariel has guided thousands of people all over the world to reconnect to themselves through her revolutionary flows and practices.

After living in overdrive and going through multiple health challenges, Mariel was motivated to take back control and create a life that truly makes her happy.

Mariel is now committed to helping you feel grounded, loved and seen as you roll out your mat and move through your daily workout.

(It’s then just £18 a month)

Discover How Mindful Sonder Has Helped People, Just Like You...

Mariel inspires me every day- on and off the mat. Her classes are beautifully structured, exciting, creative, energetic and soothing all at the same time... Her yoga practices are second to none; she guides us through her sequences so beautifully and you feel completely amazing. I highly recommend her platform and imaginative and extensive range of yoga practices. She is a true inspiration, a hugely supportive teacher and a wonderful friend.

— Laura Stafford

I simply LOVE Mariel’s classes! They are fun, creative and there’s always something new; whether it’s a pose or a transition! She makes the classes accessible to everyone - whether you’re new to yoga or an experienced practitioner - by giving plenty of options. The music in her classes are always spot on and the inspirational readings are so beautiful! I always leave her class feeling better than when I arrived.

— Norie Jones

I feel like Mariel’s classes - finding them and Kuula, for me, have been one of my greatest gifts of lockdown and this crazy year. The classes are the best I have ever taken but honestly one of the most incredible parts of them are the lessons and the readings that seem to resonate so deeply, are just what I have needed and speak to my soul. For the first time, I understand how to take my practice off the mat and how to live with purpose - not to be too dramatic but it’s been life-changing.

— Clairey Sheppard


Can I try Mindful Sonder for FREE first?

Yes, of course! We offer a completely FREE 7-day trial. If you decide it’s not for you after 7 days then all you need to do is cancel your membership.

Is Mindful Sonder suitable for beginners and experienced yogis?

Yes! Mindful Sonder is perfect for first and long time yogis. With 200+ yoga flows that vary in intensity, you can choose a flow to match your experience. There’s something for everyone.

How do I access Mindful Sonder?

Sign up using the link below. Then you can choose to either download the Mindful Sonder app (which allows you to stream to your tv!) or access the content through the web based platform.

(It’s then just £18 a month)

Move Your Body Like Never Before

Get unlimited access to hundreds of classes that have helped thousands of people to reconnect with their mind, body and soul.

(It’s then just £18 a month)