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Cultivate wellbeing, productivity, and resilience in your workplace
Did you know that there is a competitive advantage for companies with a wellness culture?
One study found strong evidence that wellness programmes help align employer and employee goals more closely, increase employee engagement with the company’s mission, and create a healthier workplace environment.

— The Wellness Effect: The impact of workplace programmes, EIU, October 2015

There is an epidemic of stress and burnout that is pervasive in workplaces across the country. Employees are struggling to create a work/life balance that doesn’t leave them feeling constantly worn out or somehow falling short.

The true measure of success within a company is about so much more than the bottom line. If your workplace environment isn’t nourishing your employees need for support or personal growth, then you are doing your entire business a disservice.

After climbing the corporate ladder for over a decade, I experienced crippling burnout at the age of 30, leading me to overhaul my life and leave my six-figure job behind. I quickly realized that without mental and physical wellbeing in your life, you have nothing.

That is why I am so passionate about working with companies to implement techniques and frameworks that prevent employees from ever reaching that level of burnout and stress.

If you are looking to retain your employees long-term, you need to be willing to invest the time and resources to help create a culture that nourishes your employees and is committed to their long-term well-being and success.

How I Can Help

I am thrilled to be able to offer a wide range of Workplace Wellbeing workshops, classes, and more so that you can implement innovative health and wellness techniques into your workplace.

Having had the privilege of working with large companies like Lululemon, Deloitte, and The London Film Academy, I can attest to the immense power of implementing mindfulness based stress reduction techniques, personal coaching, and movement. I have seen workplace cultures transformed and employee retention skyrocket.

Some of the workshops I have done in the past and that I recommend for all businesses include:

  • Exploring Values and Purpose
  • The Struggles with Limiting Beliefs & Imposter Syndrome
  • Resilience & Emotional Agility
  • How to Master Your Goals
  • Boundaries & People Pleasing

I offer a wide array of Corporate Yoga Classes that can be done either online or in-person with your team. These flows are the perfect way to help your employees destress and feel more alive. These sessions are designed to engage office workers at home, at their desks, or on their mats.

The benefits of yoga in the workplace are truly endless. It can help increase energy, reduce anxiety and stress, improve office morale and offer your employees a chance to focus on their mental health. Sitting at a desk all day can be difficult on your body, and offering your employees a chance to unwind, stretch, and move intentionally can make a massive difference in the quality of their work.

My Mindful Sonder Membership is an inspired and connected online yoga community that goes beyond the surface to help people reconnect to their breath, get inspired, and move consciously.

I am pleased to offer group memberships to this community at a discounted rate for employees. You get access to over 200+ on-demand yoga flows and mindfulness practices that range from beginner to advanced. This membership also grants you access to 2+ live classes a week that employees can enjoy from the comfort of their own homes.

Give the gift of mindful movement to your employees and watch as workplace happiness and productivity soar.

Your employees mental and physical health is your business. If an employee is feeling burned out, it can create a ripple effect within your company that leads to lower productivity and lower employee output. It can also cause lower employee retention, which ultimately costs your business more money and time.

I currently offer business coaching in either a group setting or 1:1 with an individual employee. In the past, I have worked with groups and individuals to help them cultivate an attitude of resilience, deal with workplace conflict, and create healthy stress-busting habits. It is tailored to the group or individual needs within your workplace.

Click here to contact me regarding any questions or pricing.

Whether you’re looking for a company morale boost, need help reaching yearly goals, or want to help your employees learn new stress reduction techniques, hiring a public speaker like myself can be the perfect solution.

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