Root to Rise Mentorship

Mariel Witmond
Mariel Witmond

09 October, 2020

Root to Rise Mentorship

Coming out of my first teacher training I remember feeling so unprepared when I received my first opportunity to apply for a teaching job (I didn’t know what CVs looked like or how to plan my 30 minute trial). Once I got the job I spent far too much time on social media trying to build a “following” hoping it would convert to students in my class. I struggled to find my voice and felt so insecure. The first time someone walked out of my class I could have died. I took it so personally (in the end it had nothing to do with me). I showed up for classes when no one else did. I gave away so much free content but didn’t know how to properly use it to my advantage. Fortunately, I’ve made plenty of mistakes and learned many things the hard way, so I can share my learnings with you in order not to repeat my same mistakes. There are a lot of great teachers offering mentorships, but many are so far along in their career that they’ve forgotten what it is like in the early days of growing a business.

We live in a passion economy where we can actually make a living from the things we love, if we’re smart about it. Our passions don’t have to remain hobbies, but we must look at what we do as a business. Yoga teachers are often notoriously underpaid, undervalued (by themselves first and foremost), and unaware of how to run a business.

This mentorship is all about embracing your individuality, uncovering your creativity, and getting insider insights into running a yoga business (digital marketing, growing community, coaching, taking your business online, and more!)

Join us for this 6 week mentorship and fully step into your power as a yoga teacher! Click HERE to sign up. Spaces are limited.

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