Living With Intention

Mariel Witmond
Mariel Witmond

19 December, 2018

Living With Intention

At the beginning of yoga classes you are asked to set an intention (sankalpa in sanskrit) for your practice. I don’t know about you, but for the longest time I floated through this part of the class forgetting to come up with anything, not really understanding what an intention was in the first place. Little did I know that doing this off the mat, as well as on it, would set me on the path towards living an on purpose life.

Setting an intention is a matter of coming up with a quality or value you want to cultivate more in your practice and in your life. It is intentionally being more of something that is important to you. It can be a wide range of things, such as confidence, strength, peace of mind, flexibility (mental and physical), kindness, self love – the list goes on. An intention requires you to be conscious of your actions, purposefully embracing that of which you want more.

Having intentions sends a powerful energy into the world of your authentic truth, creating opportunities for growth and enrichment. It tells the world what you want more of, allowing the universe to conspire with you in accomplishing it.

When you think of the best version of yourself, what does that person look like?
How do they behave?
How are they with others?
How are they to themselves?
What does your highest self want you to invite more of into your life?

Connect with these things, write them down and connect with your creative power so that you can build and live your life mindfully and intentionally. It is through this conscious awareness that you empower yourself to create change.

Once you have come up with a daily intention, try adding the words “I am” at the beginning of the characteristic you want more of, creating a mantra you can repeat to yourself, using the power of words to help make your intentions a reality. You are connected to a magical world; live your life with intention and watch as the universe rewards you!

“Stay aligned with your intentions and your good will find you.” – Alan Cohen

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