You Have to Feel to Heal

Mariel Witmond
Mariel Witmond

10 April, 2020

You Have to Feel to Heal

Do you avoid issues as they arise? Do you shy away from your internal struggles?

This is an interesting time where many of us are struggling with the fluctuations in our emotions and the challenges that stem from isolation. What we need to remember is that we cannot heal what we shy away from. It is really crucial for us to acknowledge the importance of sitting with our feelings as well as recognising that it is ok to feel however we feel.

Our self/spiritual journey grows in a spiral, regularly shooting us back to old wounds we thought we had heeled and if we choose to bypass that learning, it will keep sending us back in a loop of repetitive pattern. You’ll often find yourself asking: why does that keep happening to me? Why do I keep dating the same kind of guy? Why do I keep finding myself here? These repetitive patterns are there to teach us, to help us evolve. It doesn’t help to ignore them or for us to place blame, to project, or merely go with the flow if we are not owning up to our truths. When we do this, we surrender our power to others rather than embrace it with boundaries.

Have you noticed how the things that are troublesome for us externally, are usually related to things that are happening to us internally?

When we feel triggered, when we judge – these often have more to say about ourselves than others. Where we feel the emotion we can often find the wound. Polarities exist within us all: people pleasers can still bully themselves as the bully we see externally is triggering our internal bully towards ourselves. When our buttons are pushed, the reaction it causes stems from the parts of us we don’t like within ourselves. We cannot judge and be at peace with ourselves at the same time.

We are all vibrations of energy and we attract people of similar vibrations. When we bury parts of ourselves we don’t like, we end up attracting those bits of ourselves we haven’t yet resolved. We adopt a false self to have our needs met, but that stored, unresolved energy just festers within us and can manifests into illness.

This life we have is a gift. Take time to learn about yourself – to look within rather than project out. To be ok with where you are and where you would like to be going. To own your truths and the power that comes with that. To just be.

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