Embrace the Darkness to Find Your Light

Mariel Witmond
Mariel Witmond

20 December, 2023


As the Winter Solstice cloaks the Northern Hemisphere in its longest night, we’re reminded of the profound lessons this celestial event imparts. In the United Kingdom, where daylight on this day shrinks to nearly nine hours, the Solstice isn’t just a marker of seasonal change; it’s a metaphor for the human experience.

Nature’s cycles teach us about the duality inherent in life. The contrast between the longest and shortest days of the year mirrors our own experiences of joy and sorrow, love and loss. Just as the Earth experiences fluctuations in light and darkness, so do our lives oscillate between different states. This duality isn’t something to resist but to embrace. It’s in understanding our moments of darkness that we can truly appreciate the light.

The Winter Solstice invites us to slow down and introspect. It’s an opportunity to sit with the ‘darkness’ within us – those aspects of our psyche we often deny or struggle to accept. This darkness might represent our fears, regrets, or unacknowledged desires. By acknowledging and accepting these parts of ourselves, we step towards wholeness and peace.

Our external world often reflects our inner state. What you notice about the world can reveal insights about your inner self. This season, observe what stands out to you in your environment and relationships. Are there patterns, behaviors, or emotions you recognize in others that also reside within you? The act of projection distorts our reality, and recognizing this can be a powerful step towards self-awareness and growth.

As the days gradually lengthen post-Solstice, we’re reminded of the impermanence of all things, including our discomforts and challenges. Facing our fears and embracing discomfort can expand our comfort zones. It’s a process of confronting what scares us and accepting imperfection, which is crucial for our spiritual and personal growth.

This Winter Solstice, challenge yourself to embrace both the light and darkness within you. Confront your fears with compassion and openness. Remember, your experiences are temporary but your growth is enduring. As you navigate the complexities of life, let the lessons of the Solstice guide you towards resilience, understanding, and a deeper appreciation of life’s dualities.

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