14 Habits to Living a Happy, Fulfilled and Intentional Life

Mariel Witmond
Mariel Witmond

19 December, 2018

14 Habits to Living a Happy
  1. Know your core values. Get to know yourself and the qualities that matter to you so you can live your life in line with them. These will drive and motivate your actions as well as help you understand when you are at odds with people – it’s not a question of right or wrong but a clash in differing sets of values.
  2. Choose courage over comfort. Have the courage to show up and be seen for who you truly are. You need to do things differently in order to change your life and this requires moving away from your comfort zone and into the realm of the unknown. There will be risks in pursuing your dreams, take them! Albert Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over expecting to have different results. Be brave, be proactive, show up and change it up!
  3. Know your priorities. It is easy to get overwhelmed with all of the things we have on our plate. It is worse when you don’t prioritise them. Know your priorities and when you are feeling overwhelmed, work from the top down.
  4. Be positive. Have faith. Expect good things and good things will happen.
  5. Watch the company you keep. Surround yourself with people who elevate you, inspire you, champion you. Who you surround yourself with can elevate you as much as it can drag you down. Choose wisely.
  6. Manage expectations. Expectations are a steadfast path to disappointment. If you want things to work out a certain way, be proactive about them and create agreements with people rather than expectations – work towards something rather than just expecting it to happen.
  7. Discover your passions. A life without passion is like a car without an engine – how do you expect to move forward? It is hard to discover your passions when your life is full of distractions keeping you too busy to tune in to your deepest hearts desires. Having a passion gives you drive, meaning, enthusiasm – don’t let yours pass you by.
  8. Listen to your emotions. Your emotions have a lot to tell you about your values and the things that matter to you. Don’t hide them or hold them back. Learn to sit with them and listen to what they have to tell you.
  9. Know your goals. A goal without a plan is just a wish. Have clear and measurable goals with a plan of action to make them a reality and be selective in your commitments.
  10. Be grateful. Every-single-day. Find moments throughout your day for gratitude and be grateful for as much as you can think of. There are so many thing we take for granted that we should be grateful for. The more you find things to be grateful for, the more the world conspires to give you things to be grateful for. You will notice that daily practices of gratitude will improve the quality of your life.
  11. Embrace uncertainty. There is no way to know how things will turn out, but even in moments of doubt trust where the journey is taking you.
  12. Be curious. Everyone has a story to tell, don’t take things at face value but instead look closer, dig deeper, connect.
  13. Live from authenticity. Be ok with being unapologetically who you are. But, regardless of who you are…
  14. Be kind. Everyone is fighting their own personal battles, if you can choose to be anything – choose kindness. Be kinder than necessary to yourself as well as to others. The world needs more kindness.

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