Wearable Technology for Women’s Health

Mariel Witmond
Mariel Witmond

19 December, 2018

Wearable Technology for Women's Health

When we think of wellness, we often tend to look at it only in terms of our physical health. Yet wellness is so much more than that. It is a holistic approach to our overall wellbeing that encompasses the connection between mind, body and spirit. Wellness is inherent in what we do, feel, and think. Many of us think we are looking after ourselves because we workout regularly and for the most part eat well. What we fail to recognise are the strains we place on ourselves through stress, anxiety, overworking, over-exercising, crash dieting, not breathing properly, dehydration – the list goes on as we deplete our reserves.

Wellbeing is a lifestyle choice that requires self-awareness, self-love, and self-acceptance. There has been a lot of increased attention on women’s health recently as we try to juggle it all, always putting ourselves second. Women’s health is becoming a global issue as we try to find the balance between career, home, environment, children and even spouses. With growing struggles in fertility, women are becoming more aware and interested in their health and what they can do to improve it.

In an age where technology consumes our lives, we often find ourselves questioning how to effectively disconnect and to use it to our benefit. As interests in our health and technology rise, there’s little surprise that companies are starting to build a connection between the two in order to help us improve our quality of life. Without having to always rely on conventional medicine, we are now starting to monitor and condition our own health…

Meet Bellabeat, a company I am happy to support in its aim to improve women’s wellness as it empowers women to take a greater control of their lives.

Bellabeat’s wearable technology offers a personalised wellness experience that tracks activity, sleep, hydration and reproductive health. In turn it helps to detect patterns that may cause stress. Their app contains audio guided meditations and ambient sounds inspired by binaural beats and it allows us the ability to set goals for mindfulness holding us accountable for our own results.

Their attractive Chakra Leaf harnesses feminine energy and consists of natural crystals (rose quartz or onyx), hypoallergenic stainless steel and wood composite. Unlike other wellness trackers, this one doesn’t need regular charging as the battery life is up to 6 months! I can clip it onto my clothes or attach it to a necklace or my mala beads and I’m good to go!

It’s important to take time to regularly check in with our bodies and consider its needs. There is so much our bodies do naturally and so much we take for granted. It’s too easy to neglect the impact we may be having on them by pushing ourselves harder than we should, by not getting enough rest, by not eating the right foods or staying sufficiently hydrated. Even our emotional and spiritual development can take a toll on our bodies, draining it of energy and if we’re not careful, leaving us overly exhausted.

Our quality of life is directly impacted by our physical health and wellbeing. We can’t pour from an empty cup. When our body doesn’t work, we don’t either, so why not look after the whole “you” and bridge the connection of mind-body-spirit? Remember to be thoughtful and kind to your body as it’s the only one we’ve got!

A regular reminder to take care of ourselves, Bellabeat is a great item to be adding to that Christmas wish list! The more we look after ourselves, the more we can give of ourselves to others.

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