Apps to Get You Healthy

Mariel Witmond
Mariel Witmond

19 December, 2018

Looking to get in shape, improve the way you eat and just feel healthier? One of the top recommended things to do when starting any diet or attempt at improving the way that you eat is to maintain a food diary. However, the truth is, walking around and remembering to log the foods you eat can be challenging without the right tools to support your efforts.

Here are some great apps you can download onto your phone to help you out!


MyFitnessPal is a free app that claims to make calorie counting and food tracking easy. You have the ability to browse over 5,000,000 food items, making it extremely easy and quick to add them to your diary. Their exercise tracker lets you see the amount of calories you have worked off for the day as well as track the nutrition in the foods you eat.


Personal fitness and nutrition coach. They claim to offer personal nutrition and fitness coaching that calculates your calorie, water-intake and nutrition, creates meal plans and menus for your week ahead with loads of options to choose from as well as exercise videos and suggested workouts. You also have gain access to fitness knowledge in their “Fitosphere”. They have both a free and premium offer to choose from.


Cronometer is available for free to log your diet, exercise, biometrics and notes. It is a great way to track your vitamin, mineral, and protein intakes with 60+ nutrients for 50000+ foods.


FoodSwitch is a UK-only award-winning free app that allows you to scan the barcode of food and drink products and instantly see whether they are high (red), medium (amber) or low (green) in fat, saturates, sugars and salt. It also searches the database for similar but healthier alternative products, making it easier than ever to switch to healthier food choices.


With hormone disruptor chemicals in many beauty products, ThinkDirty helps you find safer alternatives. It empowers and educates the consumer on the cosmetics industry by allowing them to make an informed decision on what products to purchase.


SleepCycle claims to analyze your sleep patterns and wake you up in the lightest sleep phase helping you feel naturally rested without an alarm clock. The way and amount you sleep, as well as wake up, can play a very important role in your overall wellbeing.

So what are you waiting for?! Find that app that best suits your needs and take advantage of the tools that can help keep you accountable and on track with your health and fitness goals!

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