We Are One Energetic Vibration

Mariel Witmond
Mariel Witmond

08 April, 2020

We Are One Energetic Vibration

We are all made up of energy making everything in life a vibration. All of the things that manifest themselves in our lives are there because they match the vibration of our thoughts. I have to keep reminding myself in these scary times, as I try to navigate the fear, that where my mind goes, energy flows. Information in the form of energy enter our system with high and low vibrations affecting our overall well-being.

It’s interesting because in order for the body to heal, we have to cultivate a healing state. The trouble is, we often get so caught up in our thoughts that all of our energy goes towards those thought patterns and away from our body.

We can’t think our way out of our minds, we need to feel – shifting our focus to bodily awareness and emotional connection, which in turn will draw energy away from the mind and into our body and heart.

I recently heard a beautiful phrase on Awareness – “If you can see it, you don’t have to be it”. That is why self-awareness is so imperative. It is through awareness that we can create change. By calming and resetting the nervous system (tapping into our parasympathetic nervous system) we can change patterns of the mind. Movement, meditation, Breathwork all help to achieve this by being in tune with our entire being.

Studies of the brain have shown that changing thought patterns can lead to the old neural pathways withering away, allowing for new ones to become established in their place.

Our mind is the only thing we take with us – into every decision we make, into every emotional situation. The more we give our attention to our mind the more we notice how all over the place it is. Our minds define us and connect us to the world and to each other. While we settle into this time of hibernation, remember that we are all made up of energy. That we control the direction of that energy. That we are all connected in this universe of energy. That we are one sea of energy. That we are one.

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