Mariel Witmond
Mariel Witmond

09 June, 2020


Do we stay silent
Or raise our voices?
Do we give in
Or make our choices?

This is our chance.
This is our threat.
This is our choice.
And we’re not finished yet.

We stand together
And await the light.
This is our chance,
This is our fight.

Here we’re standing,
United and strong.
We’re not giving this up.
We’re not moving on.

This is our voice;
This is what we came to show.
This is our choice,
And we’re not letting go.

This is our word.
You give what you get.
This is our world,
And we’re not finished yet.

We stand beside you,
Ready to pay our debt
We stand united
Because we’re not finished yet.

Children are born every day,
Waiting for someone to trust.
Dreams are dreamed every day
But left alone to rust.

Raise your voices; stand up tall.
You know this is unjust.
Make your choices; stand from the fall,
Because dreams are counting on us.

I know that you are scared to be strong.
You have every right to be.
Show the dreamers that you care.
Come and stand with me.

Think of our future; think of the truth.
Think of the lives we share.
Think of our beginnings; think of our youth.
We’re all just a kid from somewhere.

Standing together, holding hands,
We all came from the same place.
Joined, we are forever;
We are running the same race.

Stand with me; we’re not through yet.
We are getting what we gave.
Hand in hand with me, strongest together.
This can all be saved.

This is like our lifetimes;
This is more than just a game.
This is more than just the money,
More than ourselves, more than fame.

Speak up for what matters,
Because now it does; this love is caving.
Speak up before we shatter.
Think of all the dreams we’re saving.

From the mountains, valleys, cities,
Suburbs, hamlets and countryside,
There are the children of this future.
All around us they reside.

They once stood watching,
Dreaming with this light inside their eyes.
Together we can save that light,
And return it to more lives.

Here we’re standing, grasping hands;
Here we’re standing strong.
This time we’re not giving in,
And we’re not moving on.

THIS is our voice;
This is what we came to show.
This is our choice,
And we’re not letting go.

This is the world we live in.
You must give what you get.
This is our word we’re giving.
We’re not finished yet.

We stand together, united.
This is our chance to repay this debt.
We stand beside you all, united.
We’re not finished yet.

– Erica M Long

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