Trust Your Instincts

Mariel Witmond
Mariel Witmond

19 December, 2018

Trust Your Instincts

Why do we subscribe to what everyone else does and why are we always trying to keep up with other people? Why do we think that someone else’s experience should be our own?

Given half the chance, people will always tell you how they think you should behave, what you should or shouldn’t do, what their opinion is, and how things happened for them. We are always listening to external influences and the pressure for our lives to mirror that of others can become overwhelming…And in so doing we forget to listen to our body, especially our gut instinct.

What we often fail to realise is that we are all different. What works for one person might not work for the next; “one man’s meat is another man’s poison.” Considering our bio individuality, why is it that so often the last person we seem to listen to – is ourselves? With our every action being swayed by social media, tv or the opinions of others, it’s no surprise we often feel lost and out of touch with the person we want to be. Our intuition is a combination of our body, mind and spirit – it knows us even if we don’t yet know ourselves. Learn to listen to it – to yourself rather than the opinion of others – through the cultivation of things like meditation that allow you to better connect with yourself. Don’t second guess yourself, your intuition has understanding that you won’t find elsewhere.

So often when we fail to find our own natural rhythm, shame and judgement consume and drain us. Outside demands and external expectations weigh us down. Who ever said that things have to be a certain way?

This is your life to live. People may have their opinions for how you should live it but it’s up to you to decide how it’s going to be. Start to trust your own instincts. Remember your own individuality. What other people think of you is none of your business. Walk away from those things that are not meant for you. Trust your gut and you do YOU!

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