Challenging Our Beliefs

Mariel Witmond
Mariel Witmond

08 November, 2020

Challenging Our Beliefs

From a young age we experience things that create stories in our minds that through repetition convince us of their truth. These stories form our identity and create walls we assume keep us safe.

Meet your limiting beliefs.

Limiting beliefs are assumptions we place on our abilities that paint a reality that isn’t true. Our limiting beliefs stem from fear: a fear of failure, of not being enough, of rejection. We feel unprotected encouraging doubt and insecurity. These limiting beliefs stop us before we’ve even had the chance to get started.

So let me start by sharing this quote:

“The only difference between a thought (which really doesn’t have much power over you) and a belief (which has total control over you) is this: a belief is a thought you’re convinced yourself is true. In other words, a belief is just a thought that you’ve made real.” – Sean Stephenson

An inner turmoil exists between wanting to pursue what we want and our fear pulling us back, keeping us in a constant state of stress and anxiety. We find external excuses to blame, anything to keep us from looking within. And life has a mind of its own, recreating certain situations that will continue to happen until we learn from them and break the pattern.

The thoughts that fill our heads hold real power. They can lift us up, or drag us down. We need to learn to believe in ourselves; to unlearn the things that have held us back. It takes work to change our beliefs, but it is possible. We can change our stories to serve our greater good, but first we need to challenge the ones that have been holding us back most of our lives.

So how can we address and change our limiting beliefs? Here are 5 helpful tips:

  1. Reflect on what limiting beliefs you may have. It is easier to define than overcome the way we think and feel. But if we can identify our limiting beliefs, we can work on changing them through awareness.
  2. Explore the root of the belief. How did you get your belief? Where did the story begin? How did it make you feel?
  3. Challenge your assumptions. We need to teach ourselves how to unlearn the things that aren’t serving our greater good. Are your beliefs true?
  4. Create a new belief. Find a belief that counters your current belief. What would it feel like to be free of your limiting belief? What would change or be different? What empowering belief would you like to have?
  5. Embody the new belief. Make a declaration of your new belief. Use affirmations and positive statements to allow you to embody the belief.

We move through life finding experiences that match our beliefs – our inner world painting our outer experience. Many of us don’t give ourselves permission to explore our passions or discover our purpose in life, holding ourselves back from our creative expression in pursuit of a more “respectable” or “secure” path. Creativity lives within us all. We are all worthy, capable and whole.

Never forget, the sky is not the limit, you are. So, how far will you go?

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