Fierce Calm – #yogasavedmylife | feat. Mariel Witmond

Mariel Witmond
Mariel Witmond

07 July, 2022

Tribe, I’m honored to present to you the collaboration between the Yogi Misfit Sessions and Fierce Calm. Each month, we’ll bring you a compelling story about how yoga has saved a life, with bonus mini stories on yoga’s ability to heal and transform.


For today’s episode I had the pleasure of sharing Mariel Whitmond’s journey. A yoga teacher that has an inspiring and empowering story on how she found value in herself rather than looking for it in others.

Battling health complications, self-worth, and self-acceptance, she decided to stop living her life for other people. Changing her high-stress job in the fashion industry, focusing on her health. She took her teacher training just after two years of the journey of self-discovery. Capturing the value of human connection, and sharing her compassion for it. From a place of feeling lonely to finding how to empower others to feel that they are not.


Stay tuned to hear more stories from Blair Sanning and Cara Forrester.

Learn more about today’s guest:

Mairel Whitmond


Cara Forester:

Instagram @queendomoffife


Music: 92elm – All For Me


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