Do You Know Your Intrinsic Worth?

Mariel Witmond
Mariel Witmond

19 December, 2018

Do You Know Your Intrinsic Worth?

In life coaching we are taught to believe that everyone is naturally creative, resourceful and whole. It is our limiting belief systems and negative self talk that lead us to think otherwise. Knowing your intrinsic worth can help you to create a belief system that works in your favour, one that feeds on your dreams and lifts you to new heights.

Life is a reflection of our thoughts, a mirror of our perspectives. Things happen to us yes, but it is how we react to what happens to us that defines the person we are to become. The most important relationship you will ever have is with yourself, so what are you doing to embrace, nurture and build that relationship up?

You are a gift. Your body is a gift. Your mind is a gift. Your capacity to love and be loved is a gift. It can be hard to feel and accept this truth, but the second you realise what an incredible gift you are is the moment everything will change for the better. You will start to work with your body rather than abuse it, you will start to focus on the right thoughts rather than waste your time on the wrong ones, you will love yourself fully allowing others to love you as well.

Be honest with yourself about what you want in life, for that is the energy you are putting out into the world. Saying “maybe” or “one day” will merely delay your dreams. Set your intentions, asking the universe for what you want more of. Intentions are your motivator for achieving what you want in life. And live your life aligned with your big picture goals. Don’t waste time on things, people, or thoughts that take you away from your highest self.

You deserve every happiness and that happiness resides in you now, in the acceptance and appreciation of what is.

You have enough.

You do enough.

You are enough.

Let enough be enough.

Embrace this moment, embrace who you are, embrace the way you look, embrace the journey you are on and this chance you’ve been given. And when you forget or trip up, remind yourself, dust yourself off and return to that place of gratitude. When you give thanks, life gives you more to be thankful for.

Know your intrinsic worth. Own it. Manifest it. Live it. And watch your life transform.

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