I often get asked by my students for more active forms of movement suitable for pregnant women, as most prenatal yoga and fitness programmes usually cater to a slower and more gentle pace. Bump, Birth & Baby is perfect for women who were active before falling pregnant, and want to maintain their fitness level by continuing to participate in more active workouts throughout their pregnancy.
That is why I am so excited that Bump, Birth & Baby combines both active and more passive forms of exercise, along with meditations, hypnobirthing guidance, breathwork, and stretches to prepare you for labour and to support you in early motherhood with progressions to help you build your strength back.
Whether you were very active before falling pregnant or simply want to incorporate some gentle exercise into your life, this course is an incredible option!

Anyone who exercised regularly before falling pregnant and maintained a regular yoga practice. It is important to listen to your body and know when to modify. I suggest getting your six week sign off to exercise again after having had your little one(s).


Pregnant women who have any contraindications to exercise during pregnancy, and those who are classified as having a “high risk” pregnancy. Always check with your OBGYN before beginning any new workout regimen while pregnant.